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Managed Data Center Services

Space, power and network access in specifically equipped and environmentally controlled datacenters with redundant power and network connectivity

Managed Data Center Services from IPTP Networks are designed to increase efficiency and productivity of your business, delivering data center resources, protecting business continuity and enhancing the security of your data. We offer our Hosting and Colocation solutions in state-of-the-art data centers across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, connecting clients to a variety of telecommunication, network service providers, Internet Exchanges and global financial centers, enabling them to host and access their servers remotely and securely.

IPTP Networks portfolio of Data Center Services ranges from basic colocation, whereby the equipment is owned by the customer, to traditional dedicated server hosting – whereby the provider owns and manages servers and all related equipment. Our team of highly experienced and qualified specialists is there to help you choose the components that will suit your individual business needs. Our comprehensive Hosting/Colocation services are designed to provide infrastructure for Internet of Things companies.

Reasons to choose IPTP Networks data centers:

24/7 management, monitoring and maintenance

Our dedicated team of certified engineers will take care of management, monitoring and maintenance of your servers, adjusting and reporting on the overall performance of your infrastructure, covering elements such as database, security, monitoring, and backup. Our remote hands are there to ensure regular server equipment reboots, replacements of cable and cards, circuit testing and other services, configuring your IT infrastructure on-demand. Our full-time support allows you to focus on your core business, moving away from daily managing of IT infrastructure and problem solving.

State-of-the-art network

Our company operates it's own private, multi-functional and redundant MPLS network. Collaboration with over a 1000 peering partners helps us interconnect four continents, establishing access to 36 PoPs and 18 IXs. Duplication of communication channels allows to guarantee continuous data exchange with other facilities as well as a robust and redundant global connectivity, with total network capacity 30 Tb/s.


A large area is available for both computing resources and serving equipment; with virtually unlimited scalability, you can choose a managed solution that will fit your specific needs, allowing you to painlessly migrate to a different solution in necessary. Our rack architectures are designed to provide robust power, bandwidth and security.

Equipment, data and online platforms available at all times

All data centers are equipped with full UPS power, 24/7 technical service and support, system backup resources and disaster-recovery solutions. Featuring a minimum of N+1 redundancy, they conform to industry standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 9001, TIA-942 and Tier 3+. Comprehensive system testing for redundancy and single points of failure allows to identify potential system-related problems and verify availability in all operating modes.

SLAs related to all key environmental and infrastructure elements of the building

The building design and systems are state-of-the-art and maintained at the highest level to avoid any downtime. Specialised fire detection and extinguishing systems, dust and moisture protected facilities and redundant HVAC designs (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) allow for the maintenance of climatic conditions (humidity, temperature and airflows) at the level optimal for the operation of equipment. Efficient cooling systems and raised flooring allow to maintain temperature controlled environments and keep your servers up and running at all times.

Secure environment

Reliable protection of premises and data center computing resources from unauthorized access is achieved via implementation of a 24/7 security system (Perimeter Protection, Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance). Our team of technicians and engineers keeps up to date with industry best practices in the market for physical and network security, continually engaging in strategic partnerships and collaboration with our technology partners such as RSA/EMC, APC, Cisco, Supermicro and many others. For continuous operation and security of your network we can offer our proprietary Distributed Mitigation Managed Service against DDoS - a unique way of protecting your business and customer base, designed specifically to provide unparalleled protection against volumetric DDoS.